Confessions of a YEC part 2- Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist

As soon as you read the title to this post (“Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist”) some of you immediately went into conniptions and started screaming “JESUS WAS NOT A REPUBLICAN!!!” and then you went to have a beer and listen to some “secular” rock music while wearing your Obama CHANGE t-shirt, because those are things Billy Graham and your grandmother would NEVER DO.

The title is an attention getter, but it is not sarcasm nor mere click-bait. If you read what Jesus said, it’s easy to deduce that he actually was a young earth creationist. While there are many other reasons which will be discussed in future posts, the fact that JESUS holds a certain position has always been, for me, a good enough reason to do the same. I can buy a beer swilling Obama voter being a Christian, but when your position about Jesus is, “He was wrong,” then, no, you are not a Christian. You, my fine feathered fellow, are a fruit loop.

Bodie Hodge (Awesome name- bonus points for Bodie!) wrote a very good article about this recently. You can read that here.

Very simply, we can make use of two verses where in Jesus says this:

But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’ (Mark 10:6)

And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female’” (Matthew 19:4)

To understand this idea, all you need to do is create two timelines and see which one seems to match Jesus opinion as expressed above. First, draw a line 125 feet long, and somewhere in the first 64th of the first inch, mark the place where God made humans during the first creation week. The rest of the line to the right represents the 6,000 year history of the world since. Now you’ll draw the Old Earth model. You’ll draw the creation of the first humans at the very beginning of a one foot long line. The distance after represents the 10,000 years of human history since, depending who you ask. Now you’ll draw a line to represent the time before the first humans behind that line, extending to your left for THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILES. The Big Bang could be somewhere around Indianapolis, IN, and the creation of mankind (Male and female) would be somewhere in Pittsburgh, PA. Going the speed limit, it would take you more than FIVE HOURS to drive from the beginning of creation to the creation of man and woman, but then the rest of history would be the length of an unusually large shoe.

Now take a good look at both lines. Can you see the difference between them? Now look again at what Jesus said: “From the BEGINNING of Creation, God made them Male and Female.” Which line seems to show God making them (Male and Female- AKA Adam and Eve) at the BEGINNING of Creation? Which shows God making them at the END of Creation?

This is a question easy enough for Blue’s Clues.

Jesus, and his disciples- the authors of the New Testament- believed in the Biblical account of Creation, with a literal Adam and Eve, and a literal Noah living through a literal global flood. Most people do not deny these as facts. Jesus and the New testament authors do refer to the creation, garden of Eden, and flood of Noah as actual events of history (even including Noah and Adam as names in the Genealogy of Jesus). There are only three ways to turn once you acknowledge these facts-
1. Jesus and his disciples are right about their view of recent, six day creation.
2. Jesus was wrong when he made statements like these (As were the other New Testament writers).
3. Jesus knew better, but he PRETENDED to be a YEC because he knew his audience were YEC.

#1. seems to me to be the only rational position for a Christian. Like I said above, you can be wrong about a lot of things and still be a Christian, but you cannot be a Christian and believe Jesus was a liar or just wrong about things. He was God incarnate, people. Your fifth grade science education and subscription to the Discovery channel do NOT put you in a position to school Jesus about the way the world was made. Jesus didn’t have to read Genesis and then try to interpret what it meant. HE WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. HE is the Creator!

And when did Jesus EVER tell people merely what they wanted to hear? If he was willing to lie to people, he could have avoided getting crucified, but he did not. Jesus told the truth, no matter who did or did not want to hear it. Who is claiming that Jesus might have been a liar? Probably far more people than either us know, but here’s just one recent example from the big dumb world of social media: a “Christian” singer named Michael Gungor took to the bloggosphere with his hostility against YEC. After some posting and a few interviews where he showed an amazing lack of self-editing, he said this: “…if Jesus knew that Noah and Adam were mythical, but knew He was talking to people who thought they were real, that’s another possibility.” (Read more about this here) Gungor here is not alone. There is even a head of a major Christian publishing house who has said similar things in recent years. He admitted that the New Testament does seem to indicate that Jesus was a YEC, but that, in this man’s educated opinion, Jesus was simply mistaken.

Remember when heresy was a thing? When did that stop being a thing?

This becomes one of the top reasons why all of this matters: Once you abandon the Biblical account of creation, you have to do something with the other parts of the bible which agree with the YEC interpretation. If Adam and Eve and Noah aren’t real people, then you have fictional characters in the family line of Jesus, just as if you found Winnie the Pooh in there somewhere.The sweater begins to unravel. Suddenly, Genesis is false for at least the first twelve chapters, the other references to creation are mistaken, including in Exodus, Psalms, the words of Jesus who, on this view, must have been wrong or lying, and the writers of the New Testament who- while perhaps inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit to write other things- were wrong about all of this Creation and global flood nonsense. Eventually everyone decides that they aren’t sure what part if any they should trust, and so they abandon Christianity all together to go play beer pong.

The fact is, Jesus treated the Genesis accounts as real history, and I think if anyone has the authority to make a stand one way or the other, it’s the Creator of the universe himself. Next time I’ll dive a bit deeper into the Old Testament and see that Jesus’ opinion- while controversial and radial to us today- is nothing new.

For a more detailed look into the many references New Testament authors and Jesus make to the events in Genesis, see this article by Answers in Genesis. And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a YEC part 2- Jesus was a Young Earth Creationist

  1. I do agree that Jesus viewed Adam & Noah as real people. But I think 6000 years is just one possible estimation of time past since the creation of humans. The way generations are recorded and the use of the word Father allows for the possibility of in-between generations that are not counted. I don’t think we can say for certain how many years it has been since Adam & Eve.


    • Howdy Maria! Thanks for your comment.
      Your view is a popular one, and naturally I’ve heard it from many sources, as I imagine you have. I’ll be addressing it in detail in an upcoming article (This series goes on for a while, so I hope you’re enjoying it) but here is the short version:
      Your comment applies to other genealogies, such as those in Matthew, but even if the word for “Father” can be applied to mean “ancestor,” the Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 accounts are different than those in Matthew, because they list the age of the patriarch when the son is born for each generation. Figuring out the years is no harder than balancing a checkbook. Just read those and do the math yourself and you will see what I mean.
      Of course if you know of a way to fit extra generations into Genesis 5 and 11, I would be interested in hearing it. I’ve never heard any solution offered, only people ignoring the fact that those ages are given. And I’m not saying that Bishop James Ussher was correct, that we know Creation was exactly October 4004BC, but then, having read his work, I wouldn’t be able to tell you why he was wrong either.
      Thanks again for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the series, and as always, thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.

      • Thanks for the explanation and I’ll look forward to reading what you have to say in future blogs! One last thought – how do you account for or explain fossils of homo sapiens that per current scientific carbon data seem very old?

      • Thanks again for another good question, Maria. I cover Carbon Dating in a future post as well, but I’ll again give you the summary. In short, radio dating methods are simply unreliable. There are MANY examples of carbon dating failing, such as providing two wildly different dates for the same object. Also, fossils (And yes, I cover this in a future post also) are dated by the rocks they are found in, and the rocks are dated by the fossils which are found in them, making it a circular method which is pure imagination. The best recent example of how all these methods of determining deep time ages fails is dinosaurs. According to evolutionary/deep time dogma, they died out 65 MILLION years ago, yet we can radio carbon date them, meaning they cannot be any more than 50,000 years old, even if all the assumptions involved are true. So what about fossils of homo sapiens? Well, if you look at the Genesis account, most fossils are the result of the Flood, and so would be no older than 6,000 years old. They may certainly be younger than that. Finally, the rocks also hold fossils that prove humans and dinosaurs lived together as you can see here:
        I hope that answers it. Otherwise, more posts on all of these topics are coming, and I also recommend the channel I posted there, Wazooloo, and of course the big boys of creation science always cover all of these things- Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, institute for creation research, etc.
        And of course I always welcome your questions. And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.

      • You say: “So what about fossils of homo sapiens? Well, if you look at the Genesis account, most fossils are the result of the Flood, and so would be no older than 6,000 years old”
        You state the above as a fact. This is just a theory based on lots of assumptions. But thanks for continuing the discussion.

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