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I want to thank of my regular readers and subscribers for the years you’ve followed me here, and I warmly invite you to continue the journey over at the new web site.

I’ll be making lots of new content, and in addition to regular articles, we’re switching our focus to short, educational videos hosted on our youtube channel. We’ll be making big theological issues easy and fun by stealing from the great minds of the past, including but not limited to C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and the Muppet Show.

I’m also going to be taking the show on the road as a traveling speaker/teacher, so if you want to invite me to your to your church, school, small group, pizza party, or chili cook off, just send an email to:

A list of the presentations I am prepared to deliver is on the new website. Check it out.

What’s with the name?
The phrase “A Bit of Orange” originates in the writings of C.S. Lewis (See below). In this opening section of Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis is arguing for the universal knowledge that objective morality is real, thereby make a case for the fact that we all know God is real. To prove that we all know this, he doesn’t dig through history into the philosophers of the past, nor scale the ivory towers of academia to quote the scholars of his own day. He shows us  some ordinary people talking about something as ordinary as a bit of orange, and from there be builds his case.

This is the philosophy of A Bit of Orange: The average person doesn’t need a PhD in biochemistry, genetics, or Quantum Mechanics in order to understand why they can trust the Bible. If you can understand a rubber duck, or a toaster, or a bit of orange, you can be very confident that the Word of God is true, the Gospel is certain, and Jesus is Lord. We thank God for the men and women who do search the deep history of the church or scale the towers of academia in order to defend the Bible, but we find that most people, at least at the very start, just need a bit of orange.

The following is from Mere Christianity, By C.S. Lewis

The Law of Human Nature

EVERY ONE HAS HEARD people quarreling. Sometimes it sounds funny and sometimes it sounds merely unpleasant; but however it sounds, I believe we can learn something very important from listening to the kinds of things they say. They say things like this: “How’d you like it if anyone did the same to you?”–‘That’s my seat, I was there first”–“Leave him alone, he isn’t doing you any harm”–“Why should you shove in first?”–“Give me a bit of your orange, I gave you a bit of mine”–“Come on, you promised.” People say things like that every day, educated people as well as uneducated, and children as well as grown-ups.

Now what interests me about all these remarks is that the man who makes them is not merely saying that the other man’s behavior does not happen to please him. He is appealing to some kind of standard of behavior which he expects the other man to know about…

Read/Listen to Mere Christianity Here.

Learn more about the book and the author here.


Defining Evolution 8: The Offspring (Keep ‘em separated)

Danny’s Bar, Grill, and House of Rabblerousing was known for many things. First, as I have mentioned many a time, they have a plate of Nachos so large that, in most states, you are required to wear a helmet and safety glasses while even seated at the same table. Some nights they have live music from local bands, and every night they have darts, foosball, and unless it is covered in a buffalo wing buffet, a pool table.

Each Thursday I meet my good friends Captain Blue Beard, Bill, Tom, and Carl at our round table near the dart board. What brings us, aside from the good company and an arguably dangerous pile of Nachos is our affable and lovely waitress, Wendy.NACHOS logo

In addition to our frosty mugs of root beer, Wendy met us this night with a scientific quandary. I had written a definition for Darwinian Evolution on 3 x 5 inch note cards and given them out to the company, including Wendy, and it was on this topic which she addressed us. Continue reading


Defining Evolution 7: Gaining Behaviors and Losing Genes

Another Thursday night out with my friends and we were waiting on a plate of Nachos which was so big I am forced to capitalize the word “Nachos.” After long days in the salt mines we make a point to carve out this sacred time to rally round the nourishment inspired by our neighbors to the south and sharpen our wit with conversations about important topics… You know what? I started a previous Thursday with this exact same description. In fact, last week was pretty close to this too. I guess there are only so many ways I can say “We went out for Nachos because it was Thursday.”NACHOS logo

Anyway, the point I am making is that we, being myself, Bill, Tom, Carl, and Captain Blue Beard, have been engaged in a conversation about a topic which I find is very divisive, in the sense that people fall into one of two camps: Camp one is very certain that Evolution is (or is not) true, and Camp two really doesn’t give it any thought at all. Sort of like the Electoral College I suppose. Continue reading


Defining Evolution 6: Creating New Genes

Sweet relief! Another Thursday in the salt mines has passed and that means it is time for me to conduct the transportation of my person across the face of our planet toward the blessed grounds of Danny’s Bar, Grill, and House of Rabblerousing. It is on each Thursday night that my friends and I meet to join forces against a plate of Nachos so large that the “N” in Nachos must be capitalized. It is rare that our group has not waved the white flag, as it were, to the Nachos. Also, if too many people order one on the same night, it can adversely affect the weather for days to follow. It’s not just the jalapenos that make those Nachos great- it’s also the slight taste of danger.NACHOS logo

The friends with whom I meet are Carl, Tom, Blue Beard, and Bill. As a Young earth Creationist who rejects Darwinian Evolution on both Scriptural and scientific grounds, I frequently have people coming to tell me how dumb I am for rejecting evolution which they insist is a fact of science. Carl is one such person. But when asked to define what they mean by “evolution” these people (including Carl) seem to have no idea what the word means, and often get angry at me for asking them to define it. But I would not be a Rent-A-Friend if I left these poor souls in need. Thus, in order to help out everyone in the western world, I have created what might be the world’s first useful definition for “Evolution.” It goes like this:

Evolution is an unguided, Natural process which increases the genetic information in an organism; Creating new Genes which did not previously exist.
These new genes then cause an increase in physical complexity and associated behavior, Both of which increase the organism’s ability to survive and pass on these traits to offspring.

On this particular night, we would discuss why this definition says “which increases the genetic information in an organism; Creating new Genes which did not previously exist.” Continue reading


Defining Evolution 5: A Very Useful Definition

“Another Thursday, another enormous pile of Nachos!” That’s my motto. At least, it’s one of my mottos. I’ve also been known to say, “You can have me pretty or early, but not both,” or “I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like,” and on rare occasions, “Get it BEFORE it dries!”

I had come to the sacred meeting grounds of mighty men of valor which is known as Danny’s Bar, Grill, and House of Rabblerousing to meet my friends after our nine to fives. As per our custom, we gathered to drink root beers, complain about our bosses seeming lack of grey cells, and brag about the important memos we had read, epic meetings we were forced to attend, and unstoppable onslaught of coffee we had consumed. NACHOS logo

On any given Thursday, the tales told by myself and my friends Bill, Carl, Tom, and Captain Blue Beard would have expanded to include the latest science fiction films, young adult novels, or action packed video games experienced, but we had wound up in a series of talks about science. Specifically, Carl and I had gotten our teeth and claws all set for a fisticuffs about the validity of Darwinian Evolution, when our medically trained friend, Bill, had suggested that we first make an effort to define what the thing is. While a lot of textbooks have suggestions, most if not all of them are pitiful for a host of reasons. Just a day or so ago I had read a textbook definition which said “Evolution: When things change, or evolve, over time.” Our public school kids are being taught from books which tell them that evolution is when things evolve, and we wonder why they don’t take their educations seriously. I suspect this may explain the rampant drug use among today’s youth, but I digress. Continue reading


Defining Evolution 4: More Failures to Define

It was the kind of Thursday which had been so long that it felt like it was the following Thursday before all was said and done. The weather had chosen to exasperate the fact by doing what polite people call “misting.” This is when it’s not really raining, on account of there not being rain drops falling together in an organized fashion. Instead, there is a dense cloud all around, like fog and soup had a baby, and the baby won’t stop crying. An umbrella makes no difference, and the longer you are out in it, umbrella or not, everything you have on just gets progressively wetter, like your attire is fitted with a dial marked “Wet” which some wicked sprite keeps slowly turning toward eleven.

Due to the weather, Carl, Tom, Bill and myself had all run to get to Danny’s Bar, Grill and House of Rabblerousing and were thus more winded while we said our hellos than normal. Blue Beard showed up a bit later and smelled like wet dog, which he kind of does anyway.NACHOS logo

We shook the mist off of ourselves and gathered around the table to our customary tall, frosty mugs of root beer, brought to us by our friendly and fashionable waitress Wendy, and since he was the only member of this soggy party not winded by a run from bus or train, Blue Beard opened the evening’s scientific discussions.

“Last time we was here, our little friend for the renting,” he said gesturing to me with his root beer, “had given us a few points which I think we all agreed was acceptable for a definition of Darwinian Evolution. Now I don’t wanna seem daft, but I was trying to share this with Mr. Stevens, my first mate, and I’m not sure I got it all right. Can you recap those for me, lad?” Continue reading


Defining Evolution 3: Four Things Evolution HAS to Be

Another Thursday had flowed into our temporary “now” though a week of paper jams, low toner, canceled and rescheduled meetings and paperwork filled out in triplicate. As per usual my friends and I were greeted by a chipper Wendy, our dependable waitress at Danny’s Bar, Grill, and House of Rabblerousing, her arms full of tall mugs of frosty root beer and a plate of the Buffalo Wings which were on special due to some sports event of which I had failed to take notice. Some local team won something and to celebrate, wings were half off. I don’t have to know the reason to appreciate half price wings.NACHOS logo

Just as Wendy headed off to put in the order for our usual mountain of Nachos, Bill joined us at the old round table near the dart board to continue our ongoing discussion on the true meaning of Darwinian evolution. We had decided that, before we could argue about IF evolution is a fact, we had to know WHAT Darwinian Evolution was. You can’t begin to look for evidence for or against something if you can’t define the something. Try it some time and you will see what I mean.

Post our usual pleasantries where in Tom exhumed the dread of a thrice cancelled and yet mandatory meeting, and Carl gripped about the third quarter projection analysis spreadsheets, and Blue Beard hinted at having to leave the country for legal reasons, Bill got right to it as he reminded us of an analogy our sea faring friend had displayed at our last Nacho roundabout. Continue reading